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New Job for unemployed glass? Old projector lenses on Sony A7RII

Last changed: March 12, 2019

My first ventures into the inside of cameras ended in chaos, naturally, with missing or left over parts, and certainly with cameras out of order.

I still had fun, though...

Nowadays, I cause less damage, but I also do much less film photography, so there is hardly anything left to repair.

But "digital" isn't everything, sometimes it is quite informative to see what can be done on film as well.

This is how I came to do some DIY projects, to be explained here. One way or another, a hacksaw was always part of the game, hence the title of the page (something like "My hacksawed Cameras"). Then again, two-component adhesive is also essential...

Apart from all the joy of tinkering, the search for solutions to implement a desired function, and certainly the fun of using a – unique – camera, there is a certain thrill accompanied with such projects. I have a limited budget for my DIY projects, so that I cannot afford unlimited supply of old cameras. And my technical ability is limited too, so that a serious error may put an immediate end to the whole undertaking. Drilling or cutting sometimes means balancing on a knife's edge, and if you slip, the screwdriver sticks between the shutter blades...

I am always looking for comments and suggestions - and I will happily answer questions.