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6x14 Wide Angle Camera (2010)

After having used the Plaubel with its new DIY 6x14 back for a while, I had to admit that the whole setup is just too heavy and bulky to really be used outside a 20m circle around any car park...

Even more so, since the back uses up the entire image circle of the Angulon, all the tilt and shift options that the Plaubel offers are wasted.   

Horizontally, its angle of view equals that of a 11mm lens in front of an APS-C sensor, or 16mm on a 35mm camera.

Having a more compact camera with this back, like the Horseman or the Gaoersi (just a bit less expensive) would be very nice, I said to myself.

Well, I took a deep breath and continued working..

To hold the lens (in a focusing helicoid) I used the remnants of a Konica 1.7/50 lens, that was just wide enough to house the rear part of the Angulon:


The camera body is made of 1.5mm aluminium, glued together using two-component adhesive, seen here with a fixture to hold the lens board - made from Lego bricks.


I freely admit that this is only as accurate as it looks... but stopping down the lens is required anyway, to take away the vignetting, so this isn't a problem, really.

This is how the finished camera looks. My father in law (who knows how to treat wood) has contributed the nice wooden grips.

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The complete camera (without battery and memory card...) weighs 1.3 kilograms, so is easily portable. 


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